Ken's Leaving Do

fter 44 years of working with Dad, Ken had his leaving do (Mum and Dad having decamped into a bungalow).
To celebrate this momentous event, we all piled into the Anchor at Whixley for Sunday dinner.
Ken and Maureen were obviously guests of honour and they were joined by the Daniel clan together with Alan, Robert and Carol.

We couldn't let the occasion go by without a "Thank You" present so Dad did a short speech and made the presentation.

You can tell they're used to working as a team as it took 2 of them to open it.
Inside the box was a Border Fine Arts tractor - apparently the same kind as the second Ken ever drove so he seemed pretty pleased with his present!

Ken and Maureen also bought Mum some beautiful flowers which was a lovely surprise.
We had a lovely time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Although Ken no longer works with Dad, both Dad and Carole seem to have some odd jobs around their houses for him to do so he can't escape that easily!

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