Amsterdam 2004
We took ourselves off to Amsterdam for Easter - principal reason to see the bulb fields and displays.
While we there we spent some time with Colin and Wendy-Jo (Colin was living out there at the time). They looked after us tourists very well.
As expected, there were loads of bikes. Sometimes, we didn't know where the traffic was coming from with bikes, trams, cars, buses etc all seemingly coming from different directions!
It's a very relaxing City to walk around but I made JC walk quickly the first couple of days as it was very cold. The weather improved towards the end of our stay.
We went on our usual boat trip - how else would you get round to see everything in Amsterdam?
As with many cities, there were some very interesting tops of buildings.
Even the tops of the lampposts were ornate and there were a few statues around.
Our hotel was a Botel (boat made into a hotel) which was different. Ideal location near to Nemo (see left) and the station (right and below)
Moving on to the bulbs, we spent a whole day at the Keukenhof and ordered some bulbs for planting this Autumn while we were there - hyacinths, tulips, narcissi and fritillaria.
Lots of different suppliers each have a space to lay out in beds. The plants are labelled and you get some good ideas for colour combinations etc.
We particularly liked the "saucers" as per the pictures on the left but haven't been able to find any in the UK - any ideas would be welcome.
As well as flowers, there were other attractions such as the fountains, arty tulips, statues and a big lake with stepping stones over - yes, we did go over them and no, we didn't fall in.
As well as bikes, you expect to see windmills in Holland - we didn't see many but this one was in the gardens for people to explore.
Finally, a couple of tulip pictures - what lovely flowers they are!

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