Copenhagen 2004

e treated ourselves to a long weekend in Copenhagen in July 2004
. What a lovely place to visit. Plenty to see and do but a laid back feel so we didn't feel rushed at all.
We did plenty of walking around and took advantage of the sunny weather (afternoons only) by taking a boat ride round the canals and harbour.

There were lots of different types of steeples/tops of buildings...
...plenty of interesting shapes...
... and the buildings ranged from traditional to ultra modern
A couple of the buildings we spent a bit more time in were the Marmorkirken...
... and the Holmens Kirke (we think this might mean sailors' church as lots of nautical things in it)

We were fascinated with the boat hanging down from the ceiling in the centre of the church
We also spent a huge amount of our time wandering around in the wonderful parks and botanical gardens. Here's a small selection from the photos we took in the "green areas"

We had a wonderful couple of days and hope to go back there someday.

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