The pictures below were taken by either Jonathon or Shirley over the years - hope you enjoy them. No doubt Jonathon will put some more professional photographs up in due course but at least there are some pictures for you to look at in the meantime!
Boxing Day 2003 was spent with Mum, Dad, Pauline and Paul on Cresswell Beach on the Northumberland Coast. We had a great time but far too cold to paddle! As you can see, the beach was not too crowded but the number of footprints showed that there had been a lot of visitors since the last high tide.
In November 2003, we enjoyed a few days with Giu and Kit in Switzerland - we visited Davos, St. Moritz, Lucerne and Zug. For more pictures, please see our Switzerland page.
The pictures above were all taken in Tanzania - for further safari pictures please see Shirley's Safari Page
Jonathon took these two colourful pictures of the Fall in Vermont several years ago. For more "fall colours", please see our New England page.
These pictures were taken on holiday in Canada in 2002 - further pictures can be found on our Canada page. On the far left is a picture taken from the Botanic Gardens in Tofino, on the near left a view of the Englishman River Falls.




Again from Canada, clockwise from top left we have a picture of a Creek in Strathcona Park which we happened to see one evening when we were driving around, two pictures of Elk Falls which, as you can see, were pretty spectacular, a view of Schooner Bay which is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Wikanninish Beach (also West Coast and part of a National Park - there is a brilliant restaurant at this beach), Uclulet - again West Coast, Wikanninish again and Myra Falls.
Moving a bit further south, we went to California in 2003 so here are a few pictures from there. Additional pictures can be seen on our California page. Here we have a few pictures from Highway 1, Yosemite and San Francisco.
These pictures were all taken in Crete - the middle one is supposed to be the calm Mediterranean Sea - not so calm one that particular day!
And finally (for now) we have from left to right - the beach at Le Touquet, Sunrise over Lake Manyara, Mombassa Beach (x2) and Hay-on-Wye followed by 3 pictures of our garden in June 2003.
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