Leeds Castle

ne of Shirley's favorite places to visit is Leeds Castle and many a visitor has been taken there to share the delights. The last time we visited was Jonathon's first visit on a cold February day. Here are some of the pictures we took.

First of all the castle itself - it's a magnificent building and a lot of the rooms are open for the public to visit.
If you can navigate the maze successfully you not only get brilliant views of the surrounding area but also get to visit the beautiful grotto
There are loads of ducks, swans, geese and other birds wandering about the place and enjoying the safe haven that Leeds Castle provides for them.

If that's not enough birdlife, there's also a good range of more exotic species in the aviary. Jonathon managed to get really close to one of the birds - see pictures above and below.
Finally, some general views from around the castle grounds. As you can see, it's well worth a visit. For further information, why not visit Leeds Castle's website.

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