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Our main project for this year was the Patio which has its own page in the Garden section. Our main inside project was the small guest room.

We didn't tackle any other major projects this year but there were various bits and pieces to finish off - lights for the hall/landing and lights and carpet for the back sitting room to name a few. No photos of the smaller projects, just the main one.

The small guest room ... what can I say. It was on the agenda for a few years but this year we finally got round to sorting it out. What we were going to do was open it up to the galleried landing (but have blinds to close in case we need to use it as a bedroom). The opened up wall was going to be used as a display area for some of the wood. However, after a few years of debating, dilly-dallying etc. we have decided against knocking any more walls down and we are now going to keep it as a regular bedroom.

It always puzzles me why people look at a long narrow room and decide to make it narrower by adding fitted wardrobes etc. on the long wall. This room was no exception and the first thing we did was rip the wardrobes out and find out what shape the room really was.

It was bigger than we first thought and we decided that 2 single beds would fit in comfortably - new beds were ordered as were the wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside cabinet. Jonathon started to strip the wallpaper off and we worked out where everything was going to go.
Mick (sparky) came and moved the centre light to the centre, added a couple of wall washers to light up where the shelving was golng to go (the funny little gap in the corner should suit shelving very nicely) and sorted out some more sockets.
Jonathon stripped all the wallpaper off and called Wilgars in to remove the radiator. The crack we found behind it was not what we wanted to see.
So ... instead of Ian and John coming in to patch up the plaster where it had blown they had to take it right back to the breeze blocks to find out what was causing the crack.
Thankfully nothing more than shoddy workmanship so nothing structural. Ian and John set to and sorted it out.
One of the first things they had to do was drop/remove the lights that Mick had only just put up!!
Then they had to strip it right back to basics - sometimes you just wish you hadn't started and left things well alone!
What a mess. I hate the smell of plaster and although Ian and John did a really good job of clearing up after themselves the plaster dust got everywhere!
But what a difference when it was all done. The walls and ceilings were as smooth as silk and, once dry, Jonathon was able to paint straight onto them rather than wallpapering first so that saved a lot of work.

Just getting the plastering done made such a huge improvement. It looked like a room at last.

As well as the decorating per se, Jonathon also needed to sort out the coving and skirting boards as they had to be removed for the plasterers (and because they didn't go all the way around but stopped at the wardrobes).

We chose a colour scheme of coffee and cream (with a sprinkling of chocolate as that's what Jonathon likes on his capuccino). The bedding was bought and various paints tried out - Dulux's Walnut Cream was chosen. The carpet is a chocolate brown colour.
It was now July, the coving, the skirting and the painting were all done and it was really starting to come together. It had been a long haul to get this far for a room that doesn't get used that much! The walls are all the same colour - it depends how the light falls.
Still July ... as you can see, the carpet was now fitted. We were just waiting for the electrics to be finished, the beds and other furniture to be delivered and the blinds to be chosen then fitted. Nearly there at this point.
Mid July and the beds arrived from Beaumont Beds. They looked so comfy it was all I could do to resist curling up and going to sleep on them.
The headboards arrived before the end of the month with the rest of the furniture (Thornburrows in our high street) and the blinds were ordered from Hilary's Blinds (as usual).
The blinds arrived early August so all we were waiting for at this point was the electrics and that meant Jonathon finding a space in his diary so Mick could come round and finish off. Finally, Jonathon and Mick got their diaries to coincide - the lights were fitted and the room was finished. Hurrah!
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