Our Wedding
Something Old
Scaitcliffe Hall, Todmorden where all the activity took place. A lovely old country house in the hills. Thanks to Amit, Phil, Moria and the rest of the team for a great day.
Something New
Our rings are made of African Blackwood and were made for us by Stuart Mortimer. Thanks Stuart for the rings and the lovely box to keep them in.
Something Borrowed
We had to borrow mugs for the soup between the ceremony and reception - very welcome on such a cold day. Thanks Mum and Christine for finding so many mugs!
Something Blue
Ajax - our "wedding car". His heated seats were welcome and Jonathon did sterling work ferrying people and things around all week.
Our wedding day was Saturday 26th February 2005. It was freezing cold but at least we could get there - this basic requirement was looking decidedly dodgy earlier in the week because of the snow. A lot of it had gone by the Friday but we still got some lovely snowy photos and the hotel team had even made us a best man!

Saturday 26th finally arrived and off we went to Scaitcliffe leaving ourselves plenty of time in case of hold ups on the roads (we got delayed because of a police man-hunt the day before on the way home!). The roads were clear and although the day was very cold the snow had just about disappeared.

And the bride wore.... trousers from Jaeger, jacket from Klass, blouse from Country Casuals, boots from M&S and bag from Wallis (all chosen with Marie's expert help - thanks Rie!).

My pearls were made by Nicola Harwood.

We used the Lancashire Suite for both the ceremony and the reception - a lovely big room so we had plenty of space.
The table centre flowers had been put together for us by Fleur-de-Lys in Hebden Bridge - we were delighted with them. How they managed to get 10 baskets of tete-a-tete daffodils all to flower on the same day is beyond me but that's what they did!

While we were busy with the registrars downstairs, our guests were gathering in the residents lounge - catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Finally, they all came downstairs to watch the ceremony. Dorothy did a lovely speech managing to place Todmorden on the border of Yorkshire and Cornwall (due to number of Cornish immigrants) and formally confirm to us that Todmorden is firmly in Yorkshire despite its Lancashire postal address.
No photos were allowed until after the formal part of the ceremony was over but people could snap away for the signing of the register.
Our Dads were the witnesses. Even though we'd bought them a pen each they weren't allowed to use them as they didn't have registrar's ink in them!
You might know that if there's "photoing" going on Jonathon will have a camera in his hand!
All done and legal and now time to lead the way to the soup - we chose to have soup rather than sherry (or whatever) because we thought it would stave off the hunger pangs until food time and warm us all up!
Some of our guests just couldn't wait to get to the next room ...
... and some were ready for a sit down when they got there ...
... while big sister was more interested in drinking her soup.
The next few photos are in no particular order - just taken at random in the "soup room".
Of course, if you get fed up with waiting, there's always the papers to read!
Dinner was served - buffet style - and Scaitcliffe did us proud. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it, all done to Shirley's menu so that we were sure there would be something for everyone to eat.
Although there were no formal speeches, Dad stood up and said a few (very humourous) words. Not sure he'd let Jonathon anywhere near his animals but the threat of no breakfast for JC until he's done the feeding up etc. was interesting!
Again, the following pictures are in no particular order. Hope there's a picture of everybody who was there either in the soup room or below. A big thank you to all who took the photos for us, particularly Wendy-Jo who did a sterling job flitting about with her camera.
From the photos above, it seems that Jonathon and I spent most of the day apart but just to prove we did spend a little bit of time together, here's a final photo!

We had a lovely day and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Hopefully all those who joined us also enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

Donations (on and around the day) totalled £860 so thanks to all who contributed (and to any of you who paid money to either Marie Curie or RNLI direct)

Thanks to everybody who helped make our wedding day so special.

Note : If there is a little hand when you hover your cursor over any of the pictures, there should be a pop-up picture if you click. Please excuse the quality of some of the pop-ups - if we make them too big you would get bored waiting for them to read in! Please don't be offended if a picture of you doesn't pop up - it simply means the quality of the original wasn't good enough to show!

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