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I originally put some "before" pictures on this page as a starter for ten - these are the projects we had in mind for 2004 but, as regular visitors will know, things have a habit of changing as we go along. At the start of the year, the main priority was the bathrooms but probably not until later in the year so a lot of the work can be done while we're away (less stressful that way). However, not a lot happened with the bathroom - the wall's knocked down and we've had a quote for the work but that's not starting until March 2005 now!! In the meantime, we've done the guest room, garage and studio! This is what the list looks like:

Guest Bedroom


Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom needed decorating and, as we expected, the plaster came off with the wallpaper! We knew one of the walls was damp as we'd had it re-rendered when we had the outside done last year but we didn't know the plaster was going to come off in patches on bits of the other walls.

A wall cabinet was relocated to Christine's and the two plates to Cancer Research's shop in the high street. The radiator went into a skip together with the old hand basin.

I suppose it had to look worse before it could look better - the pictures above are post wallpaper stripping but pre-plastering. The plastering was done (see below), the paint bought and the vanity unit, basin etc. ordered.

The picture on the left is the wall for the bed, the one on the right for the new basin etc.

Jonathon did the painting Dulux Purple Polka 4 and Violet White) and the over-bed wall lights were fitted by John, our friendly sparky.

The vanity unit arrived and went back as the top was the wrong width but Neil sorted it out! The base came complete with its green cover (it's not geen any more!).

The vanity unit was finally installed the handles fitted on the wardrobes so the matched those on the vanity unit. The lampshade was put up up and the carpet fitted on 1st September.

Finally we were finished and ready for visitors again! The bedside tables are our own creation - planters from John Lewis Partnership's garden department with photos taken (by JC) of flowers in our garden and mounted in perspex by Sky Photographic.
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The second "project" was the studio - it was a gym before we moved in and a dining room before that.

The bricks on the back (west facing) wall were porous and therefore the room leaked everytime it rained hard. This has now been sorted out but, as you can see above, there was some boxing in required (to say the least).

Once the boxing in and platering were completed, the studio needed decorating.

Jonathon wanted this room black - this was agreed on the strict understanding that, if we ever sell, it will need painting again so people don't think we're into witchcraft!

The paint is very black! It's like being in a cave!
The blackout blinds arrived and we needed to get them put up quickly as Stuart (woodturner) wanted a picture of one of his pieces that we've bought.
Until the studio was usable again, getting the lighting as Jonathon wanted it was tricky.
Hurray - we were finally finished and back in action with first pictures taken.

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The main bathroom needed a face lift as we had rubber bands on the tap handles so that I could turn them! Also, I'm not a big fan of brown colours so ... time for a change.
The upstairs loo (next to the bathroom) is an orange-y pink. It has served us well since we arrived but is definitely in need of upgrading.

The shower room is downstairs but we are waiting until later to tackle that.

We were thinking about putting an en suite into my room but that will also have to wait a while.


The windows have been replaced and the carpets (and cork flooring and lino very sticky stuff) were all taken out ready for the removal of the basin and knocking down of the wall.

They always say it gets worse before it gets better and here's the proof. No date for the new stuff to go in yet so looks like we'll be living like this for a while! (Update - now looks like March 2005!)

We (as in Shirley) finally found a tile design we like and have ordered a whole load of them from Homebase. The picture on the right is not too good a representation but they are 20cm.sq., a very pale green/aqua colour with a self coloured square pattern and the odd glass type square within it to break it up.

As we were getting nowhere fast, (and in desperation) we spoke to Dolphin but they didn't appear for their appointment! We've had a couple of plumbers round but only one quote so far which we have accepted as we liked the man (and he came highly recommended).

We feel like we're slowly making progress at last but who knows when we'll get finished - please see 2005 page for progress - assuming there is some!!!

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Another of our tasks for this year was to get the back of the garage sorted out. There was a side door that didn't lock (now gone) and the old doors were so heavy I (S) couldn't move them easily.
Work started to fit a new roller door (automatic) so widening was required. Now it's all done it is a lot easier taking wheelbarrows through and, when Mum and Dad come down, their car should be able to come straight through and park in the back yard.

Door is now installed and so much easier to use. The wood treating and painting has now been done but I've not got round to taking a photo yet.

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