Flowers D - F

These pictures have all been taken in our garden over the years. Please let me know if I have labelled any of them incorrectly. Some of them will be duplicated where I know both the Latin and "common" name. Apologies for not knowing the exact details rather than the generics - a lot of the flowers were here when we arrived, some of the others were from "mixed" selections etc.

Daffodils (Narcissus) are by far my favourite flower. I love everything about them and we had them (tete a tetes) as our table centres for our wedding in 2005. They really brighten up the garden and you just know the warmer weather and longer days are on the way when the garden's full of these beauties.


Dahlias come in all shapes and sizes. We've had some from a mixed summer seed packet and we've grown them from corms. They can look like pompoms, spidery things and can grow from a few inches tall to a few feet. A really wide variety and they are really interesting to photograph.


We only have blue Delphiniums but they come in a wide range from black through the various blues and purples to whites. These are the old ladies in our garden - they were here when we arrived and every year I expect will be their last but they keep on coming up and looking good so I haven't the heart to dig them up (and daren't try and move them to somewhere I'd prefer them to be). They grow to 5-6 feet tall and definitely need staking. They're also prone to slug damage so you have to keep your eyes open whilst the young shoots are peeping through.
These daisy like flowers grow in the area we call the woodland garden - a bit pretentious for a small area but it's tree shaded and houses the big silver birch! They also scatter themselves around the garden providing ground cover wherever they take root. They are only a few inches high.


Freesias are the jewels of the garden and their scent is as strong as their colour. Jonathon likes these for their scent - it's one of the few flowers that he can smell at all and they're one of my Mum's favourites too.
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