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These pictures have all been taken in our garden over the years. Please let me know if I have labelled any of them incorrectly. Some of them will be duplicated where I know both the Latin and "common" name. Apologies for not knowing the exact details rather than the generics - a lot of the flowers were here when we arrived, some of the others were from "mixed" selections etc.

Geraniums - full of colour and remind me of mediterannean holidays. In 2005, we had tubs of geraniums around the whole of the edge of the patio facing the left hand side of the garden. Very gaudy but they looked lovely and really made an impact. One question - can anyone tell me when is a flower a geranium and when a pelargonium?

Helleborus (aka Christmas Rose) - we have a couple of varieties in the garden and Jonathon's Mum gave us some hellebore plantlets last year that were too young to flower (she did warn us that they would be). They've bushed out really well through the summer so we're hoping they'll add to the show our existing plants give us in the first few months of the year.


We have Honeysuckle (Lonicera) growing over the shed and near the back door but when our new fence was completed we couldn't resist getting another. Jonathon chose this one and I'd no idea how dramatic the flowers were until I started taking close up photos. The scent, especially in the evening, is lovely.

We ordered a load of Hyacinths when we visited Amsterdam in 2004 - all pinks, purples and whites. The ones on the left are those we've gathered up over the years as either presents, indoor ones that are now outside etc. The scent when you walk past the hyacinth beds is lovely but I find it a bit cloying if you have too many inside.

I love our Hydrangea bushes (we have 2 - the pink one pictured here and a white/cream one). 2005 was probably their best performance ever. I'm never quite sure when I should prune these as they can be quite susceptible to frost so I've left them for this year. The heads went to Merrywood who make home made soap etc.
We have two main batches of "land" Irises (see far right) and one huge clump of pond irises (immediate right). The bearded irises that grow in the ground come in lots of different colours and I transplanted some from the main bed to under the big fir tree recently so it'll be interesting to see how well they grow there especially as the squirrels like to play with them.

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