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Latest Photos
Immediate Family
Jessica now has her own page!
A Few Friends

Our parents are Mavis and Frank (left) and Brian and Janet (right). We meet up when we can and the pictures on this page span quite a few years.
We tend to be more snap happy with the camera when with Shirley's family so most of the pictures are of them together with friends.
This is us albeit a few years ago! We don't normally have pictures taken of us when we're on holiday as we're too busy taking pictures of other things but Wendy-Jo took this in Amsterdam.
Carole (right) and Pauline (left) are Shirley's sisters. They're married to Gareth and Paul. Carole & Gareth have daughter (Marie) and a son (Graeme).

The photos above are of Marie and Graeme quite a few years ago.

A few years later and here are Marie and Graeme again. For more photos of Mum & Dad's Golden Wedding please click here.

As for Jonathon's side, he has a brother called David and a sister called Helen. Helen has 2 sons - Peter and James.
peter & helen
On the left we have the Helen and Peter. On the right we have David, Peter and James.
Enough of introductions ... here's a few more up to date photos, supplied by various members of our family
Helen, Peter & James
Helen & Peter
Helen & James
Helen, Peter & James - Christmas 2012. No photos of the Daniel clan from this Christmas as I didn't get the camera out at all!
July 2012 was a month of awards and ceremonies. Pauline had given 75 pints of blood so she went and collected her thank you award.
peter's graduation

Peter & Janet

The Cuffs and Cowans got all poshed up for Peter's graduation from Cambridge University (July 2012)

mum, dad, rhondda
Rhondda came to stay with us in Summer 2012. For lots more photos of her visit please click here.
ss & rhondda
graeme & joan
Carole arranged a lovely tea and afternoon of games etc to celebrate the Golden Jubilee (2012). For more photos, please click here.
James and Peter sent us these photos of them with their Mum (Helen) - taken Christmas 2011. James is on the left and Peter on the right.
James and Helen
Peter and Helen
The Daniel clan went out to celebrate Mum and Dad's birthdays in October 2011. Jonathon was there as well but hiding behind the camera!
mum & paul
dad, s & gareth
marie & carole
mum & marie
After dinner at The Tiger Inn in Coneythorpe we went back to Knaresborough to enjoy Mum's birthday cake (made by Pauline - yummy)
gareth & carole
mum & dad

Graeme went on to a fancy dress party - dressed as a Giraffe! It was a brilliant costume, made by Carole. His pot isn't part of the costume - that's because he'd broken his metatarsal bone in his foot.

Marie offered to be his taxi - didn't think any taxi driver who didn't know him would be too keen on having a giraffe in his cab.

No photos from the Daniel side of the family for Christmas 2009 but a nice one of Helen, Peter and James.
H, P & J
Carole & Pauline
Dad, Carole & Paulne
Carole and Pauline have sent us a few photos so here they are, a lot of them enjoying either the outdoors or a cup of tea!
Dad, Paul & Pauline
Marie & Graeme
Mum & Marie
P&P Christmas 2008
First we have Pauline and Paul at the end of 2008 - the photo on the left is at Christmas and the one on the right on New Year's Eve.
P&P New Years Eve 08
Above we have Marie and her friend, Emma-Jane, all poshed up ready to go to their May Ball - very pretty they both look too.
Peter with cup
Jessica is on the left above, Marie in the middle and Peter on the right, the proud winner of a cup for his IT skills. Jessica has her own page now - click here to see it.
And now a few photos from P&P's Italy holiday in 2009
It's most unusual to see Paul on his feet and Pauline on a bike - it's often the other way round.

Below left, Pauline is pursuing a career change but went on a wander round the world (with Paul) for a few months first. Her colleagues bought her a very useful Tilley hat for her travels. The picture in the middle of the P&P row is Pauline on her travels with Clare and Freddie in New Zealand and the one on the right is P&P watching fireworks at Christmas in South America.

They're back now (right) and enjoying our lovely sunny weather!!

Pauline in hat
P&P in SA
The next few photos were taken in the last couple of months of 2006. We celebrated Mum and Dad's birthday with a trip to the Bridge Inn for lunch and Christmas at Carole's and "the bungalow". Jonathon's crew spent Christmas at Helen's. There are a few more late 2006 photos in the Jessica and the Friends Sections
Apparently, Helen's tree was smaller this year - still looks pretty big to me!
As you can see above, Peter has been playing with Photoshop (or similar) - just like his Uncle Jonathon! There's only one of him really!
Christmas 2005 found us in Yorkshire - the first year we celebrated Christmas not at the farm. We all fitted in Mum & Dad's bungalow very well and it was warm!

Christmas Dinner was at Carole's (tea at the bungalow) - it's easy now as we can walk from one to the other!

Rie and Graeme got an IPod and a mobile phone respectively so plenty of attention was paid to those.

Jonathon's Mum & Dad, together with Helen and family all went to David's for Christmas dinner.
This meant leaving their 16ft+ Christmas tree behind but we understand a good time was had by all.
As always, wherever the Daniel clan get together, plenty of chatting was done - before, during and after meals!
After dinner, some of us played games ...
... some of us went out for a walk ...
... and others just slept it off!
Pauline and Paul came down from the North to join us for tea and the evening and Mum was delighted we could all fit comfortably in the bungalow!

I've included a load of photos taken over a few years below.

Brian was 70 in June 2005 so off we went to Cornwall to help him celebrate. We had a lovely day and went back to admire their lovely garden after lunch.
The next few photos are from Christmas 2004 ...
.... and the rest are in no particular order
In case you're wondering, it's Peter on the left and James on the right.
p after walk


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Jessica (my God-daughter) used to have her own section but now has her own page on the site. Click here to see photos of Jessica.
Moving on to friends, this is our friend Nicola exercising her right as a Freeman of the City of London by walkng a sheep across London Bridge ...
Nicola and sheep
... and here's a few photos from Down Under to celebrate the arrival of Cooper.
glenn nat cooper
rhondda cooper
From the left we have Jean (Great Grandma) , Glenn and Cooper then Glenn, Nat and Cooper and finally Rhondda (proud Grandma) and Cooper
jean etc
Finally a photo of Dean (proud Uncle!) playing basket ball.
Now to some more friends - here are a few photos from Christmas Eve 2006 which was spent at Jinnahs - a montage of us, Christine, Gordon, Helen, Ali, Roger and family and Saleem.
Boxing Day 2005 found us in Whitby and Sandsend with Christine, Gordon, Ian and Angela - the first 2 photos are from there. The rest are in no particular order.
Below here are Wendy-Jo, Colin and us followed by Margaret and John (wonderful next door neighbours from Croydon home)

... and here (above) we have Christine and Jocelyn, Rod & Rhondda and Rhondda and Dean

Left is Dean again and right is us with Joey, one of our woodturner friends

Last of all, Gui, Tina and finally Smudge and Misty.

We hope to add to this page as time goes by so watch this space.

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