Our Home - Moving In and Getting Straight

We moved into our lovely home in November 2000 having taken several months to find the ideal property (and ... lost 2 with awful surveys along the way and ... lived in a Docklands flat for a 3 month stint opposite the Dome but too far away from grass or trees for Shirley's liking).

The first year was spent in sorting out the roof, wiring, alarm, heating etc. etc. to make it warm and weather proof. Alongside this Shirley spent many hours in the garden - pictures of the pond and the flowers etc. are on separate pages within this site. The picture on the left is a view of the back of the house from the garden.

Our new front door was made to replicate the original and the glass was made into a "sandwich" to protect it - it was probably worth more than the door! The door is made of oak and we're really pleased with it.
We've also had a lot of repointing done to bring the house back to its former glory - please excuse the difference in light on the "before, middle and after" pictures below but I hope you can see what I mean. We would definitely recommend Paul if anyone needs some really classy pointing doing.

In the meantime, work has continued in the garden ....

I'm not sure why there was crazy paving at the bottom of the steps but we've had it taken away and more gravel put down to complete the "circle". The grass is also in place now to complete the circle.

2002's major project was to get the hall redecorated. We also managed to get the front bedroom redecorated - see 2002 House News page for more details.

2003's major project was the drive - please see separate page for details. Other activities in 2003 are covered on the 2003 House News page.

2004's major projects were going to be the bathroom, shower room and the larger of our two guest rooms. However, Jonathon's studio was made black and the bathroom and shower room deferred. The garage door was sorted out instead! See 2004 House News page to monitor progress.
2005's major project was the bathroom. When Steve, Greg and Pete had finished it looked so good we then got them to do the shower room as well. See 2005 House News page to see how what we ended up with.
2006's first project is redecorating the front sitting room (a.k.a. our den or the TV room). Not really sure what else we're going to do this year. Could this be the year we actually get round to the small guest room - who knows? Whatever we do around the house will be on our 2006 House News page.

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